So Let’s Talk About Sunday Night’s Game of Thrones

Sunday¬†night’s Game of Thrones episode was pretty nuts for a few reasons which I’ll get into after the warning. This season started out really slow but holy crap did it pick up in the last few episodes. Things are really about to go down in Westeros and I, for one, cannot wait.


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HBO Releases Teaser for “7 Days in Hell” Starring Kit Harington and Andy Samberg

When I first saw the headline, “HBO Releases Trailer for ‘7 Days in Hell’,” I thought it was going to be about something really serious. Well I was wrong. 7 Days in Hell is a faux-documentary that stars Andy Samberg and Kit Harington and is about a fictional tennis match that lasts for seven days.

Tennis legends Serena Williams and John McEnroe are also featured in the trailer as tennis legends being interviewed about the match. Comedian Will Forte will also be in the program that airs on July 11th on HBO.

Stanley Cup Final Game One Recap

Last night, the Stanley Cup Final between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Chicago Blackhawks started and in no way did that game disappoint. The Lightning started the game like they were shot out of a cannon. They were fast, they were hitting hard, and they were killing the Blackhawks. They were able to get the lead early on a redonkulous tip by Alex Killorn (04:31) to take a 1-0 lead.The rest of the 1st period was status quo for the Lightning as they were able to keep control.

The second period was a different story, though. The game evened out in chances and the Blackhawks settled in defensively. The chances the Bolts had in the first were no longer there. The Hawks got some jump and were able to get some chances of their own. The scoreboard did not change in the second, but the overall game did.

The third period was complete domination by Chicago. They controlled tempo and chances. The game really took a turn in the Hawks favor when Corey Crawford stopped Ryan Callahan on a breakaway. It was a clutch save on Crawford’s part and gave his team a jump that they used effectively. At 13:28 of the third, Teuvo Teravainen took a shot from just above the left wing circle that found its way through about five bodies and into the back of the net. Ben Bishop never saw the puck.

A little over two minutes later, the same line of Teravainen-Anton Vermette-Patrick Sharp forced a turnover in the offensive zone which Teravainen was able to tap over to Vermette who roofed it to give the Hawks a 2-1 lead which they never relinquished.

TL;DR version of this: The Bolts dominated the first 30 minutes, and the Hawks dominated the latter half of the game and won on two really good plays.

War, War Never Changes: The Fallout 4 Reveal is here!

Fallout 4 has been confirmed and it will be set in Boston. The trailer was released today just after 10am ET and shows the post-apocalyptic city. Cleverly, the city is shown by using a dog(!!!) who is sniffing around. Hopefully our new dog is in some relation to Dogmeat.

The trailer shows most of the aftermath but flashes back to the moments just prior to nuclear detonation to show what the city was like beforehand. It also shows the vault our character was in, #111, and shows a bunch of flying aircraft which will hopefully be able to be player controlled.

The game itself is going to have a bigger reveal at this year’s E3 and is going to be on PC, XBox One, and PS4 so it doesn’t look like it’s going to be cross gen. The game looks gorgeous by what the trailer showed and hopefully that is what the final game will look like. Here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

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Bethesda Studios Reportedly Set to Reveal Fallout 4 Tomorrow

Bethesda Studios looks like it’s about to reveal Fallout 4. Tomorrow, at about 10 am ET, the countdown clock at a newly launched site Bethesda released will end and everyone is hoping that means we will get a reveal of the much anticipated game. The website reads “Please Stand By” with the countdown clock underneath it.

Ever since Fallout 4 was initially teased, I was super excited for it. I was a big fan of Fallout 3, and although Fallout: New Vegas had its issues, it was still very good.

Fallout 4 is rumored to be taking place in Boston and will keep with all the features that made the game famous including the open world gameplay and the VATS system. The game is also rumored to be a cross-gen game, so Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 users can also play the game.

My biggest worry for this reveal is that we are still a year or so away from release. It¬†would be a bit deflating (get it, because it’s taking place in Boston?) to get all excited for the reveal and then have to wait a really long time to actually get your hands on the game. I cannot emphasize how much I do not want a repeat of the Battlefront reboot or Batman Arkham Knight.

Check back tomorrow morning for the full release on everything Fallout 4!

Can We, Please, Stop Leaking Set Pictures and Videos?

I know it’s 2015, and I know everyone and their mother, or let’s be real, their grandmother has a smartphone and access to social media accounts, but can we seriously stop leaking pictures and videos from movie sets? I understand why people do it: it’s interesting to see how production is going, how the characters look in costume, and really wanting to get your 15 seconds by being known for being the person that leaked a certain thing.

Please Note: Some Spoilers Do Follow, You Have Been Warned

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