So Let’s Talk About Sunday Night’s Game of Thrones

Sunday night’s Game of Thrones episode was pretty nuts for a few reasons which I’ll get into after the warning. This season started out really slow but holy crap did it pick up in the last few episodes. Things are really about to go down in Westeros and I, for one, cannot wait.


A lot happened this week so let’s start in Braavos. Arya was about to sell some clams to the gambler she is supposed to kill when she sees the King’s Landing garrison come in to meet with the bankers (what’s up, Mark Gatiss) and sees one of the men on her list, Meryn Trent. Arya stops what she is supposed to do for the Many Faced God and starts to trail Trent and follows him into the brothel where we find out that Trent is a weird dude who likes young girls. As he is about to walk away, Trent says, “Bring me a fresh one [a young girl] tomorrow,” to the woman in charge and Arya hears this. My guess is that Arya will be the fresh one and kill Trent.

Over in Dorne, we made some headway into the rescuing of Myrcella. Jaime was able to get her back and Bronn got punched in the mouth. Not too much happening here other than that.

At the wall, Jon Snow came back and the Wildlings were let through the gate. While they were processing through, Jon was getting death stared by all the Night’s Watch including Ollie (I have a really bad feeling about him). It was a short scene at Castle Black but a telling one. I have a feeling something big is going to happen there next week.

Now comes one of the more messed up things I have seen in this show. In between Castle Black and Winterfell, Stannis has hit a crossroads where he can’t move forward because of weather and he can’t go back because he’s Stannis. Ramsey and his band of 20 men struck and burned down all the food and supplies Stannis’ army had with them. In order for better fortunes, Stannis decided to make a sacrifice to the fire god which, in this case, was his daughter, Shireen.

Shireen was lead to the stake and when she saw it, she knew what was about to happen. She started screaming and pleading for her parents to save her. Some of the soldiers could not even bear to look at the burning girl. The scene then cut to Stannis’ stoic face looking at his daughter being burned alive. She screamed and screamed until there was sudden silence. Everyone who was on Team Stannis before that now are backtracking just a tad.

The other big happening this week was in Meereen where the gladiatorial pits were opened, much to Daenerys’ chagrin. Jorah returned, yet again, to try to win the affection of Dany back and this time he was much successful. Not only did she look nervous watching him fight, she looked mortified when it looked like he was going to die. The fights looked to be about over when the Sons of Harpy came out from the crowd and made their largest attempt to kill the Queen.

It looked as though the assassins were about to close in when Drogon come out of no where and lights some people on fire. It was so gratifying to see a dragon finally do some serious damage that wasn’t to goats or a little kid. Daenerys then hopped on the back of her dragon to flee and leave her entourage back at the stadium to fend for themselves.

TL;DR- Stannis is a dick and burned his daughter alive, Arya is probably going to kill one of the people on her list next episode, the Night’s Watch isn’t happy with Jon, and Daenerys used her dragons to kill most of the Sons of Harpy and escape danger.

One comment

  1. bookshelfbattle · June 9, 2015

    Just throwing it out there – Stannis could have burned himself and let Shireen take over, assuming the Red Woman is on the level.

    It was disturbing. I know there are many disturbing things on the show but I think they went overboard with this one. No one wants to see a kid get burned at the stake when they’re trying to kick back and relax with a TV show on a Sunday night.


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