Rocksteady Studios Releases Arkham Insider #5: Gotham By Night

I don’t know how I missed this yesterday but Rocksteady Studios released a new Arkham Insider video which spotlights the gliding feature in the game as well as some Batmobile mechanics and some fighting mechanics as well.

As you can see by the video, everyone at Rocksteady is super amped for this game and rightfully so. Those graphics are freaking gorgeous. As for the gameplay, nothing too new in this video that we haven’t seen before. You can glide and glide boost faster than ever and cover more ground faster. You can dive bomb into a group of enemies and start taking them out. A cool part of the combat is going to be the new uses for the gadgets. In the video, they used the grapple gun to not only pull a thug closer but also pull him for a takedown which is pretty sweet. The last thing they showed off was how you can shoot Batman out of the Batmobile to get ridiculous height on your glide.

I think the coolest thing about these videos is, not only do they show off actual gameplay which makes me feel better about the game, they don’t reveal anything about the actual story. Usually, when there is a lot of pre-release videos and articles about a game, details about the story begin to come out, and in some cases, the story can get ruined. Rocksteady has done a really good job of showing off new features in the game but not spoiling anything. So hats off to them. Only 17 more days before this bad boy is in my hands and my friends and family and the light of day does not see me for a few weeks.

Another little tidbit about Arkham Knight that was revealed this week is that the game will take up 45 GB of memory on your console or PC. It’s not overly big but still a pretty sizeable chunk.

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