Can We, Please, Stop Leaking Set Pictures and Videos?

I know it’s 2015, and I know everyone and their mother, or let’s be real, their grandmother has a smartphone and access to social media accounts, but can we seriously stop leaking pictures and videos from movie sets? I understand why people do it: it’s interesting to see how production is going, how the characters look in costume, and really wanting to get your 15 seconds by being known for being the person that leaked a certain thing.

Please Note: Some Spoilers Do Follow, You Have Been Warned

But with all the leaks, we lose some of the magic movies have. Take Suicide Squad for example, which, for those who do not know, is a DC Comics movie adaptation which focuses on a group of villains who do operations for the US Government in return for shortened prison sentences.

Suicide Squad is set to be released in August 2016, a full calendar year and then some from today, June 1st. The movie was shooting in Toronto and it seemed like every other day some new fan footage would be leaked. The leaks ranged from pictures of the cast around the set to videos of scenes being filmed, like Jared Leto’s Joker interacting with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn or Ben Affleck’s Batman chasing down the Joker and Quinn in the Joker’s car.

I’ll admit it, these things were cool to see, but at the same time, it was never confirmed Batman was going to be in this movie. Imagine sitting in the theater and then you see Batman come out of nowhere? That would have been an amazing feeling. But now, we all know it’s happening so it takes a bit of surprise out of the film. Director David Ayer promised that there are still surprises left in the movie, so let’s hope so.

Leaks almost ruined another film entirely. A year or so ago, someone leaked a copy of The Hateful Eight‘s script. Quentin Tarantino was so upset by this he almost canceled production of the movie entirely. Thankfully, he didn’t and the movie is set to release later this year, but the point remains. The fact that someone thought they would be “cool” and they almost robbed the world of another instant classic, and I, for one, would be very angry because I love all Tarantino’s work.

Think of some of your favorite jaw dropping moments in film or some of the memorable cameos. Now imagine you knew all about those things before you saw the movie, that would kind of suck right? That’s what I was getting at when I mentioned the magic of movies. If someone had leaked the end of The Departed, for instance, the jaw drop millions of people had when the elevator doors opened would not have happened. One of my favorite cameos in recent movies was Matt Damon in Interstellar. I followed all the news about that movie and I had no idea he was in it until I saw him.

Call me old-fashioned, but I still like to be surprised by movies when I see them. I don’t want everything spoiled for me. Planned releases are one thing, like trailers and cast pictures, but leaks are another. The planned releases are made by the studio so they can control what gets out and what doesn’t. The studio has no control over set leaks and that’s where the problem is.

The TL;DR version of this is: if you find yourself on a movie set, major and minor, and you have the urge to take out your phone to take pictures and videos of filming, don’t. Some of us movie buffs like to keep as much of the movie a secret as possible.

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