Breaking News: Sepp Blatter Resigns as President of FIFA

The biggest douche in sports, Sepp Blatter, announced today that he is stepping down as President of FIFA. Mind you, this is not effective immediately, but it still a step in the right direction for the organization that governs the most popular sport in the world. Blatter was just elected to another term as President of FIFA, a position he has had since 1998.

Last week, a handful of FIFA executives were arrested by the FBI and Swiss police for corruption. It is widely known that the organization does not use legal methods to do what they please. Putting the World Cup of 2022 in Qatar is just one of the many things FIFA has done terribly wrong. Over 1,000 workers have already died building the stadiums and other structures the country needs to be “World Cup Ready”.

There is no better way for me to explain how terrible FIFA is than by posting these two John Oliver videos. He does an amazing job explaining just how bad the organization, and especially Blatter, is.

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