Rating the New Atlanta Hawks Jersey Set

Nike takes over the NBA apparel contract in 2017-18 and it cannot come sooner. Adidas is my least favorite jersey provider of the big three (Nike, Under Armour, adidas) and that goes for every sport. Their jerseys in football are vomit inducing, their basketball jerseys, especially the ones displayed during the NCAA Tournament, are gross, and their baseball jerseys are getting to be just as bad. The offseason is the most popular time to release new jerseys, and so far, four NBA teams have: the LA Clippers, the Philadelphia  76ers, the Milwaukee Bucks, and now, the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks released a new logo earlier this year that paired their “Pacman” logo with the circle design that the Brooklyn Nets made famous. They also released a partial primary and a secondary that is essentially a basketball with wings.

Yesterday, they released their new uniforms (shown above) and it’s just awful. The new logo change made it seem like they were going for a timeless look, something that has a classic look but with some modern tweaks. But instead, they did something else. I didn’t know what was wrong with their old set, but it’s not weird for teams to switch it up after a while.

I do like the switch from red, white, and blue to red and black for the primary colors. But instead of white as a accent color, they chose neon yellow and it looks disgusting. If they were to just switch the neon to white, the uniforms would be palatable. But because it’s adidas, they decided to swing for the fences, and yet again, they failed miserably.

Another part of the jersey I don’t get is the textured background. It doesn’t look bad, but I don’t know why it was included. Granted I have no idea how these will look in action, but for now, not a huge fan. Take out the neon and they’re good.

Overall rating- 2/5. Not quite vomit inducing like the Clip’s new unis.

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