Rating the New Atlanta Hawks Jersey Set

Nike takes over the NBA apparel contract in 2017-18 and it cannot come sooner. Adidas is my least favorite jersey provider of the big three (Nike, Under Armour, adidas) and that goes for every sport. Their jerseys in football are vomit inducing, their basketball jerseys, especially the ones displayed during the NCAA Tournament, are gross, and their baseball jerseys are getting to be just as bad. Read More

Rating the Philadelphia 76ers New Uniforms

So yesterday, I rated the new LA Clippers look and I did not like them one bit. Some of you agreed with me on Twitter which means I was not the only one with taste. Last night, almost right after I posted about the Clips, the Philadelphia 76ers released their new jerseys. Here’s what I think about them.

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Rating the Los Angeles Clippers New Look

Those who know me know that I get too into new uniforms. They don’t have to be for my team, they can be for any team, I just love seeing what teams are doing to change their look. I firmly believe that teams should put as much pride into creating the perfect uniform as they do creating their team. Their uniform is their brand, it’s what they’re known by.  Read More