Rating the Los Angeles Clippers New Look

Those who know me know that I get too into new uniforms. They don’t have to be for my team, they can be for any team, I just love seeing what teams are doing to change their look. I firmly believe that teams should put as much pride into creating the perfect uniform as they do creating their team. Their uniform is their brand, it’s what they’re known by. 

All that said, the Los Angeles Clippers might have just gone through the worst redesign in recent history. Everything about the redesign is awful.. The logo is terrible, the word mark is terrible, and the jerseys are, you guess it, terrible. This is coming a few weeks after the Milwaukee Bucks redesigned their look and they did so so well. Let’s just hope that the Arizona Coyotes’ unveil in a week goes a lot better than this one did.

I give this redesign 0 stars out of 5. I would give it negative stars if I could.

This is about my reaction to seeing the official unveil:


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