Rating the Philadelphia 76ers New Uniforms

So yesterday, I rated the new LA Clippers look and I did not like them one bit. Some of you agreed with me on Twitter which means I was not the only one with taste. Last night, almost right after I posted about the Clips, the Philadelphia 76ers released their new jerseys. Here’s what I think about them.

The new look Sixers I can dig. The “Phila” on the chest of the home and away jerseys is a nice nod to their historic heritage. The colors stay the same as they go for a classic and timeless look. These uniforms are very clean. There isn’t much going on but there doesn’t have to be. This is what a redesign should look like. There was nothing really wrong with the old Sixers’ look but this isn’t bad either. Just a good redesign with a cool Ben Franklin secondary logo to go along with it.

I rate this new look a 3.5/5. There is nothing wrong with them, they’re just not overly exciting.

Want me to review any other uniforms? Tweet at me and I will write a post about them!

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