Batman Arkham Knight Review In Progress: Night One

Batman Arkham Knight was one of my most anticipated games I think I have ever had. I was waiting for this game the second I beat Arkham City. Last night I went to the midnight release and started playing as soon as i got home. I’m breaking this review down into sessions so I can make it as accurate as possible.

First off, having to install a game is the biggest buzzkill in the world. I understand why we have to do it but it kills the whole excitement. I was so ready to play right away but then I remembered I had to wait 20 minutes for it to freaking install.

After the install was over and I could finally enter gaming nirvana, I loaded the bad boy up and started my night. Right off the bat, holy shit this game looks amazing. The graphics are absolutely second to none. All the characters look and sound amazing. I feel like I am playing a movie at this point.

The controls in this title are a little different than before so I’m still getting used to it. Instead of LB (I play on XBox One) bringing up Detective Mode, it now calls the Batmobile to come to your location. DM is now up on the D-Pad. Aside from that, the game feels just like the other games in the series which is amazing.

I’m only 10% into the game but oh my god is there a lot to do and the mission selector screen is so nice. By hitting left on the D-Pad, you can bring up the mission selector screen which allows you to choose among the different types of missions to make one your primary mission. This is a really cool feature that I love so far.

So far so amazing with Arkham Knight so far. This game looks and plays incredibly. The soundtrack and voice-acting is top notch. The story so far is pretty good too which is a good sign because I’m only a tenth of the way through. I’ll post another one of these towards the end of the day and highlight my second session of the game.

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