Batman Arkham Knight Review in Progress: Second Session

This morning/afternoon, I did not stop playing Batman Arkham Knight. The gameplay is addicting to say the least. Last night I picked up the game and wrote up a review for the first 10% of the game here. This session, I dove in much deeper into Gotham City and found out the very dark and interesting secrets this game has. *NO SPOILERS FOLLOW*

My second time playing the game so far and I am more than happy with my experience. As advertised, the storyline is insanely dark. I thought it was going to be dark but it has surprised me sometimes. Rocksteady took full advantage of the “M” rating and I love that. They did not hold back and that makes for an incredible experience.

As for the control mishaps I was having, those are all but gone. I have fully mastered the Batmobile and I have also gotten used to the new button layout. There still is the occasional time when I hit the old button for Detective Mode but aside from that, no complaints with the controls.

One feature I absolutely love is the new skill tree. Each facet of Batman’s character, including the Batmobile, can be upgraded. This system is much more in depth than the previous installments. It also makes for much more tailored gameplay. You can now, more than ever, cater the game to your strengths which is pretty fantastic.

Another feature that I’m falling for is Dual Play. So far, I’ve been able to use Nightwing and Catwoman in combat and I love the fact that you can switch. I actually find myself using the other characters more because they are much quicker. I’m pretty excited to play as Tim Drake’s Robin, but I apparently gotten to that part yet.

All the side quests are pretty awesome as well. They are all balanced out and it’s cool how they invite you to explore the city to do these things. In the other games, I almost felt more inclined to do the main campaign before i did any of the side ones. In this entry, I almost get myself caught up in the side quests and forget about the main campaign for a while. And that is not a detriment to the main story. The side quests are just so good. The new Riddler missions are pretty awesome too, btw.

My next part of the review will either come tonight or tomorrow depending on when I can rip myself from my TV.

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