NBA Draft 2015 Recap

nba draft 2015

In my opinion, the NBA draft is one of, if not the best draft nights in sports. Unlike the NFL it doesn’t take a week (for obvious reasons) and it’s pretty exciting. Players are outgoing in their wardrobe choices, Adam Silver looks like a combination of a horror movie monster and a children’s show host, but no matter what, there are winners and losers. Read More

Rating the New Atlanta Hawks Jersey Set

Nike takes over the NBA apparel contract in 2017-18 and it cannot come sooner. Adidas is my least favorite jersey provider of the big three (Nike, Under Armour, adidas) and that goes for every sport. Their jerseys in football are vomit inducing, their basketball jerseys, especially the ones displayed during the NCAA Tournament, are gross, and their baseball jerseys are getting to be just as bad. Read More