Batman Arkham Knight Review in Progress: Third Session

My Batman Arkham Knight experience has been invigorating and expectation shattering so far. I am currently 46 percent done with the game and 70 percent done with the main story. And all I can say right now is: wow. *STILL NO SPOILERS*

Hats off to Rocksteady Studios. I mean with all the gameplay they showed, with all the questions answered, no part of the story was ever released. Rocksteady did such a good job hiding the the finer details of the story. The only thing they ever told is that Scarecrow was trying to take over Gotham and Arkham Knight, a new character, was going to help him.

The story thus far has been one of the best I have ever played in video games. There are mini twists and turns all over the place. The side storylines are great as well. One of my concerns going into the game was how the studio was going to include all the supervillains without it feeling watered down. Believe me, the game is not watered down at all which only adds to the greatness of this game.

So far, my most played side missions are the Riddler ones. The puzzles in these missions are the best the series has seen. I love how they all involve the Batmobile in some capacity. And I also love how they are all drastically different. The riddles also use the Dual Play feature perfectly. I would not be surprised if I finish the Riddler before I finish the main campaign.

Like I said, no spoilers in this review as some people still have not gotten the game (seriously, just get it). I have a really good idea of who Arkham Knight is and I like it. The way they set it up throughout the entire game, the way they drop little hints here and there, is truly genius. I think I’m about to finish the game today so I’ll write my final review in progress tonight with a full blown review tomorrow.

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