EA Releases Two Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Trailers

Wow I have so much blogging to do in the coming days. Connor is going to have a full run though of Bethesda and I’m going to go through the full EA and Sony conferences later today but I figured I’d start the day talking about one of my most anticipated games of the year, Star Wars Battlefront.

We’ve seen some reveal trailers and some dev videos but we had not seen any gameplay footage until today and holy hell was it worth the wait. Let me start by saying that this games looks and sounds like a Star Wars movie which is amazing in itself. The first of two trailers came during the EA conference and showcases the Assault on Hoth.

The POV in the video switches between Rebel and Imperial soldiers doing various things on the map. We saw the camera switch between 1st and 3rd person as well as some of the classes we’re going to be able to play as. A really cool part of the trailer is when it takes you inside the vehicles. They were a huge part to the older games and they’re going to be a huge part in this one too which is awesome. This trailer also showed off Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in action which is just freaking fantastic.

The second trailer came during the Sony conference and showed off one of the single player modes. It looked like a wave survival mode that we have seen in a bunch of FPS’ in the past. This time, the action takes place on Tatooine and the desert planet looks spectacular.

The cool part of this whole thing is that they are bringing back split screen coop which was such a huge part of the original series. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t going to have buddies over so we can all bask in some nostalgia together.

Like I said, a lot of stuff is going on and there are many more blogs to come. Keep it locked here for all the major E3 news!

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