Bethesda’s E3 Conference Highlights


There’s no debating that Bethesda draws a slew of attention at E3 every year and rightly so. Fans itch for every release date and trailer from the masterminds behind star-studded franchises like Fallout and Elder Scrolls. This year was no different as we take a look at some of the big name games returning to the stage as well as those taking it for the first time.


The Doom series is comparable to a Jason Statham movie. Gun wielding, sometimes comical, over the top action has been prevalent over the many years of its existence. Well, Bethesda promises (and based on gameplay, delivers) more of the same with heavy focus on fast pace and of course, BIG EFFING GUNS.

The gameplay shown Sunday night included all of the previously mentioned elements in a single player campaign that also displayed their signature hellish demons, a plethora of devastating weaponry, some wicked finishing moves and gore that would make Hannibal Lecter smirk with pleasure.

On top of that, they also gave glimpses of rather promising multiplayer modes, a cooperative survival mode (a la Gears of Wars’ horde), their own take on Call of Duty’s nazi zombies, as well as a sandbox map builder that goes into outstanding depth. Players can fully customize a map however they wish with options ranging from environmental pieces and item placement to player and NPC spawn points. Every custom experience can then be uploaded for anyone to enjoy. On paper this is probably the biggest introduction to a franchise that has its roots in first person action shooting/horror survival.

The release window is set for spring 2016.



Battlecry is a 32-player team-based combat game that demands a combination of skill and strategy as you choose one of several classes including Brawler, Enforcer, Gadgeteer, Infiltrator and Ranger in an attempt to carry your faction to victory. Each class specializes in three types of abilities which consist of melee, damage, support, ranged, recon, technology, control, and stealth.

Set in a time period after a cataclysmic world war, a treaty has been signed that bans the use of firearms so between gadgets and melee weapons you participate in an all out brawl against every faction aside from your own, creating an experience quite different than the typical one team against another multiplayer. It’s essentially a free-for-all on a much larger scale. The game will be free-to-play on its release although currently in a very tight alpha stage, however, anyone eager to get their hands on the beta can apply for their chance when the time comes in North America,


Dishonored 2

Dishonored was one of the most successful stealth-based games without Hitman or Metal Gear Solid somewhere in the title. With a vibe that felt like Bioshock meets Hitman with Borderlands style graphics, its success prompted the return for a sequel that was action packed, yet continued to revolve around player choice and consequence. It showed off an array of new powers belonging to Emily Kaldwin, the Princess who was orphaned in the intro to the original, as she makes her way across rooftops to her target while unexpectedly having to handle a pair of robot guards along the way.

For fans with deep connections to Corvo Attano, the main character in the first installment, Bethesda was proud to announce that you have the option to play as either him or Emily. But, that’s not all. For those players with a hankering for something to sink their teeth into before its release, a definitive edition of the original game revamped specifically for next-gen is being dispatched along with all of the currently available DLC. This special edition will only cost $40 which is pretty good considering the value and will hit shelves August 25.


Elder Scrolls Legends

The Elder Scrolls Online team wasn’t present at the conference due to managing their current jump to next-gen consoles. They were able to release some news that should excite fans of strategy-based card games. Similar to what we saw with The Witcher 3‘s gwent card game, the Elder Scrolls will be receiving its very own version of a phenomenon taking the world by storm in the forms of Blizzard’s Hearthstone and Wizards of the Coast’s Magic the Gathering.

Elder Scrolls Legends will be free-to-play, landing on PC and iPad in late 2015.


Fallout 4

This was clearly one of, if not the, strongest focal point at Bethesda’s conference. Common sense said that it deserved its very own post. Nick covers the ins and outs of Fallout 4‘s announcements here.

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