Looking at Xbox’s Big Day at E3

This week is one of the most exciting weeks of the year for gaming. The E3 Conference is the place where developers and companies announce the awesome new stuff gamers will get their hand on soon. Today, XBox took the stage and boy did they bring it.

New Controller- Let’s start by talking about the new controller. Microsoft had previously announced a new controller that was coming out for the XBox One in June but they kept the one they unveiled today in secret. The “Elite” controller is going to change gaming controllers forever. This controller is completely customizable so the player can tweak it to become exactly what they want. Some of the features include: hair-trigger locks, improved thumbstick sensitivity, a different d-pad, and customizable faces. As soon as more is announced, it will be here.

Backwards Compatibility- This is a huge announcement for the XBox One. Essentially, this allows for players to play their XBox 360 games on the XBox One and even play with their friends if their friends haven’t upgraded yet. There are a limited number of games released on the XBox Store right now but Microsoft promises hundreds by the holiday season. The backwards compatibility works with downloaded and disk games. For more info, go here.

Game Preview- Another feature that will be available for the console soon. This feature, called Game Preview, will allow for players to try games before they buy them. This is being compared to Steam’s Early Access.

Did I miss anything? Let me know and I’ll update the article as the day goes on!

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