Rating the New Arizona Coyotes’ Uniforms

It was a busy weekend for me with work, Arkham Knight, and crying about my Boston Bruins being a bunch of morons so I’m just getting to this now. On Friday, the Arizona Coyotes released their new uniforms at their draft party. As far as I know, this is the only complete jersey overhaul in the NHL this year. The Edmonton Oilers did release a new alternate this weekend which is pretty sweet that you can see here and so did the Washington Capitals.

To start, no changes with the primary logo which I’m completely ok with. They did add a new secondary logo on the shoulder which is a Coyote’s paw with an A in it.

The front look of the Arizona Coyotes new sweaters (Photo Credit: @GregDillard)

The front look of the Arizona Coyotes new sweaters (Photo Credit: @GregDillard)

As for the actual sweater, the base of it is pretty much the same, at least on the home. There are now laces on the neckline which is a nice, classic touch that a lot of teams are now going with. The sleeves re-introduce black into the color scheme for the team. The top part of the sleeve is black followed by stripes of maroon and white. I actually like this look after a while of debating it. On the bottom of the home sweater, there is a black stripe. The lettering and numbers are in a new font and they are colores tan with a black outline.

The away sweater is essentially the same as the home, except it’s white and has a different shoulder patch. The sleeves are exactly the same and that still works. The color combination on the sleeve allows for it to be used for both. The shoulder patch on these is the Arizona shoulder patch that the team wore last year. The away sweater has a maroon stripe on the bottom. The numbers and name are maroon with a black outline.

I was kind of hoping for a little more out of these new sweaters but what they did wasn’t awful. The sweaters have a modern yet timeless look that can work for years to come. I’m rating these long awaited bad boys 3.5/5.

What do you guys think? Did the Yotes hit the mark with their new sweaters or did they mess up just as bad as the Bruins this weekend? Tweet at me and let me know!


  1. Alex Thomas · June 29, 2015

    Biased, but I love those all orange Oiler thirds. Been waiting years for those! I’m not huge on these jerseys though. I feel like the black on the sleeves is forced a little bit, too many different colors on one jersey. Love the addition of the laces in the neck area, and I like the font change too.

    Honestly, I was hoping they would go with something a little more retro. Those 1990’s jerseys are awesome. A modern concept of those would we really, really cool.

    Love the Caps’ new red thirds, wish they were the regular home uniforms. Colorado made minimal changes, as did Montreal and Columbus, but nothing out of the park.


    • Nick Lovett · June 29, 2015

      I was kind of hoping they would go with a throwback style jersey too but this one isn’t bad. It kind of reminds me of Minnesota’s home with the green on top and the tan as an accent


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