Making Sense of the Arizona Coyotes’ Situation

Wednesday night the Glendale City Council voted to end their arena agreement with the Arizona Coyotes which could set the franchise into a spiral very soon. Just after two years after the agreement was signed, the city voted to void the deal using an out in Arizona state law.

The question from everyone has been basically: do they move now? And the answer to that is no, not yet. The Coyotes and their legal team have already begun legal action against the city which includes a $200 million lawsuit. The team is going to exhaust every possible scenario they can to make sure they stay right where they are.

If they win the lawsuit, the Yotes will stay in Glendale for the time being. If they don’t all hell could break loose.

One outcome, if they lose, l that can happen is that they are forced to relocate prematurely. If this does indeed happen, it could be disasterous. Neither Seattle nor Las Vegas are ready for NHL teams yet. They do not have the arenas for it and won’t for a while. Kansas City is a possibility but not one the NHL wants to explore. Quebec City has the best shot at landing them, but that would put a Western Conference team, in the Pacific Division, on the East Coast which would not be ideal. This is the worst case scenario for the NHL.

Another thing that could happen if they lose is that they could potentially move to Phoenix. Ideally, the Yotes and the Suns could agree on a deal for a new downtown arena they could both share, but this is unlikely. What could happen here, though, is that they move back into their old arena, Talking Stick Resort Arena, for the time being.

Be happy Coyotes’ fans! At the draft party you get to see the new jerseys the team will be wearing for the upcoming season!

TL;DR- The City of Glendale canceled the agreement with the Arizona Coyotes. Because of this, the team’s future in the state is in limbo. The coming months will be very telling as to what is going to happen with the franchise.

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